& welcome to SNAPUUP!,

Here you'll find everything and anything... but this place is mainly a storage box for all the photo's of fashionable, sexy boys and girls I snap at club parties, bars and on the streets of the UK. People who look and feel good ALL the time.

At the moment, times are tough. People are unhappy, moneys tight and everyone hates the goverment! So go out and party! Over the next year I intend to have a f***ing good time and photograph every Nick, Dan and Nancy I meet on the way, weather they're dressed in drag or this seasons latest chic get up - if they look the part and are up for a good time, I'll snap them up!

Since May Bank Holiday Weekend '09 I've photographed a lot of people, my main haunts being Brighton and London. Some have been photographed on the street, others in clubs, some taken and interviewed against their WILL!

This isn't just a blog on street fashion and party times around the UK... here you'll find movie reviews, album reviews, interviews with some of the most gorgeous, youthful, future talent and general opinion-ness!

Being a queer n' all, there will be major concentration on hot boys in underwear... so keep you're eyes peeled. Everyone loves a hot boy, right?

So let it begin.